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Knock out Mouse Model Pricing Analysis, Business Models, and Stakeholder Analysis

Knock out Mouse Model Pricing Analysis – by Indication, Mouse type, End users, Discounting, Corporate Agreements, Economic Model of Demand and Supply, Physiological Characteristics, Business Models, and Stakeholder Analysis

· Medical Devices,Healthcare

Mice models are indispensable tools in research activities with their capability to elucidate human disease processes, due to striking similarities between the anatomy, physiology, and genetics of humans and mice. These advantages promote scientific discovery, understanding of the functions of individual genes, mechanisms of different diseases, and the effectiveness and toxicities of various drug molecules. Mice models are the most popularly used animal models due to their small size, short generation time, accelerated lifespan, low cost, and requirement of less space. These factors help in accelerating the research and development of drug therapies.

Knock out Mice Model are produced by inactivating/silencing or "knocking out" an existing gene and replacing it with an artificial piece of DNA, thereby resulting in the loss of gene activity. This leads to changes in the mouse's phenotypic characteristics, such as appearance, behavior, and other observable biochemical characteristics.

Different research areas that widely use knockout/ knock-in mice include studying and modeling different types of cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, substance abuse, anxiety, aging, and Parkinson’s disease, among others.

Apart from rampant use of knockout/ knock-in mice in diverse research areas, continuous introduction of new models coupled with signing of various licensing agreements that adds to the widened usage of the models is providing impetus for growth of this market.

Clinical Research Organizations (CROs), Mice Model and Services Distributors, Academic Institutes, Government and Private Research Institutes, and Medical Research Centers are some of the are some of the key stakeholders who are likely to benefit from the pricing assessment of knock-out mice. The report will enrich both established firms as well as new entrants/smaller firms to gauge the price variation of knock-out mice models. Pricing assessment of knock-out mice models would help stakeholders in the market to align or re-align their business strategies with respect to pricing of these models. Appropriate pricing of these models is likely to translate into greater revenue share and customer base for the stakeholders in the market.

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