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Surface Disinfectants Market 2019 Dynamics Set For Rapid Growth

Surface disinfectants are chemical formulations that eliminate microorganisms from surfaces or significantly decrease the possibility of their transfer-through hand contact between surfaces.

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Surface Disinfectants Market

The growth of the Surface Disinfectants Market segment’s mainly driven by the need to reduce the rising incidence of HAIs. In-house areas such as living environments and hospital wards, operation theatres, receptions, and clinics may harbor a wide range of germs and bacteria, which necessitates the need for effectively disinfecting bathrooms, walls, and furniture. Liquids and wipes are commonly used to clean and disinfect in-house surfaces.

The Research Report Consist of 148 pages, which covers Global Surface Disinfectants Market overview, Major Key Players detailed Analysis, market opportunities, market risk, forecast for the next five years, major driving factors for the market as well as detailed analysis for CAGR, scope, research findings, leading key players marketing strategy to acquire major market in the form of revenue.

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Surface Disinfectants Market in terms of the end user:

In the end user segment, the market is segmented into hospitals, clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and other end users. The hospital's segment holds the largest share in the market. The growth is primarily attributed to the rising incidence of HAIs and growth in the number of hospitals in emerging countries.


Critical questions which the report answers:

  • What are the new application areas which the surface disinfectant companies are exploring?
  • Which are the key players in the market and how intense is the competition?

Surface Disinfectants Market in terms of formulation:

the market is segmented into liquids, wipes, and sprays. In 2017, the liquids segment accounted for the largest share of the market. Factors such as the increasing demand for the disinfection of hospital areas and the wide adaptability of these formulations are expected to drive the growth of this market segment.


The Major Players Operating in the Surface Disinfectants Market:

Some of the major players operating in the surface disinfectants market are 3M Company (U.S.), Cantel Medical Corporation (U.S.), Johnson & Johnson (U.S.), Procter & Gamble (U.S.), Reckitt Benckiser Group Plc. (U.K.), The Clorox Company (U.S.), Sealed Air Corporation (U.S.). Steris Corporation (U.S.), and Ecolab (U.S.).


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